Customizing the themeĀ of your vBulletin installation

The vBulletin Styles system is the interface through which you can configure the way your visitors see your board. You can reach it from your Admin Control Panel. Please, click on the tab menu named Styles & Templates and a new menu will be populated.

Select the Style Manager and you will enter the Style Manager system.

All vBulletin versions have the Default Style chosen as a part of their installation. You are free to modify its outlook to the state that it will suit your needs. All the options available for editing are presented in a drop-down menu. Please, select the options you would like to edit and click on Go to enter the editor.

The main vBulletin outlook can be easily configured by entering the Style Variable Editor.

There you can modify the CSS style sheet of the forum. It contains all fonts and colors that can be easily altered using the intuitive interface. All the changes you make must be saved using the Save button.

Registering at

The website is considered to be the richest resource for vBulletin mods & themes over the Internet. To have the ability to download mods and themes you must register to the website with the email address that you’ve signed up for your vBulletin license. The system is checking if this email is a valid one and depending on the result allows or bans you from downloading themes/mods.

If you haven’t registered with this email address you must follow the link to the vBulletin members area. Once logged in the members’ area you have the ability to add up to three email addresses associated with your license.

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